Practitioner Training

Kambo Foundation Practitioner Certification Program Apprenticeship Program Level 1 Teachers: Neal Henegar, Dr. Luke Perry, Dr. Brad Shallow   It’s for this miraculous healing that the movement of Kambo is growing rapidly. People are beginning to see the results others are having following application of the Kambo secretion and try it for themselves. It’s not long after that they have family and friends receive Kambo application as well. Many, too, are called to practice the application of Kambo. Kambo Frog Detox, and the Kambo Foundation, which it has founded, has created a 4-Day certification program to support this calling. The training is tailored toward individuals who hear the healing call of the Kambo resource and are drawn by an inward desire to practice and heal using this unique gift from the Amazon. It’s a certification program for those who wish to become a practitioner with the Kambo Foundation/Kambo Frog Detox and hold the highest integrity for the medicine and application of the medicine. Kambo Foundation Practitioner Certification entails a total of three separate modules which encapsulate foundational elements and necessary nuance to, within integrity, safely and effectively apply Kambo. The application of Kambo requires skill, knowledge, experience, integrity, responsibility, mindfulness and a deep understanding of this powerful medicine. A trained practitioner will know where, how much and how to treat you, if at all and they will have been trained in techniques that enable them to assess this. If there is a problem, they will know how to deal with this but they are also trained to minimize the possibility of problems and never go beyond the limits of their ability. Finally, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that is acquired during and after their training, a properly trained practitioner will enable you to make the most of Kambo medicine on a physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic level. Environment, ability to hold sacred space and hold boundaries, energy transfer, knowledge of anatomy, meridians, acupressure points, treatment protocols and a deep connection to the spirit of the medicine born of self-practice will all inform, and elevate your Kambo experience. If you feel called, please reach out to us via our contact form to schedule a phone call in order to receive support in making a conscientious decision to follow this powerful and transformative path. We are here to serve you and to serve the Earth, Her people, and the frog through this medicine. If you would like to join us in this, we warmly welcome you. Reach out today and become a Kambo Practitioner! Email: Send an Email