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Kambo Application Kit • Stick

The perfect little kit for applying Kambo:

  • 1 Premium lined leather pouch (8" x 3.5")
  • 1 Double-sided Katukina Kambo stick (5 3/8")
  • 10 Genuine ember Vines
  • 10ml Sangre de Drago
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 Stick of Palo Santo

Compact and convenient.  Especially good for travel.  All items may vary slightly from those shown.

Only order this item if you are personally experienced with applying Kambo.


Kambo Session

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Sessions generally last about 2-3 hours. Read our page about what to expect from your session here.

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So What Exactly is Kambo?

Kambo is a sacred traditional medicine used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon. Collected from the venomous secretions from the Phyllomedusa bicolor (or Giant Leaf Frog, Kambô or Sapo) a frog species indigenous to rainforests in the Amazon Basin. Kambo has a range of applications both medicinal and psycho-spiritual. It is known for intense emetic or purgative effects which detox the body. It is safe, legal and highly transformative.

The Kambo frog secretion contains a myriad of bioactive peptides with impressive anecdotal evidence to indicate a multitude of benefits for people with the following conditions: Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV, Depression, Strokes, Arthritis, Anxiety, Addiction, Herpes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Vascular disease, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Rheumatism

While little clinical research has been conducted to validate the effects of Kambo, ceremony participants report revitalization of the body and mind following. Its effects can be intense during the detox ceremony but is deeply transformative on many levels as it detoxes and removes blocks that prevent us from living to our fullest potential. As Kambo becomes more popular more research is being conducted.

How Can a Kambo Frog Detox Benefit Me?

Traditionally the frog symbolizes healing and spiritual cleansing, transformation and transition. Frogs can not endure a toxic environment and the Kambo frog medicine challenges you to release those emotions (like hatred, anger, bitterness, etc.) that hold you back. These outlooks show up in a person’s aura like dark splotches, and in turn, decrease our natural protective and intuitive abilities. Indigenous tribes refer to this as “panema.”

Ashaninka legend says Kambo facilitates the release of this “panema” – a negative energy or bad luck that gathers over time visualized as a dark cloud or aura. Indigenous tribes felt that clearing this “panema”, which they blamed for bad luck, depression, laziness, irritation, and other adverse states was of vital importance.

The frog spirit medicine calls to people who are simply not taking care of themselves the way they should. Sometimes this relates to diet, exercise and lifestyle. In other cases it may relate to a relationship on which you’re spending too much energy with little return. In both cases it’s time for a change. Kambo frog medicine brings us into a deeper connection with our feelings, perspectives and our ability to purge negativity from our lives be that “dis-ease” spiritual, mental or physical.

If you hear Kambo calling, it may be coaxing you toward a physical or emotional cleansing. Detox, cry until you find peace. Look for a mantra or chant aimed at purification and healing so you can sing with Frog back to wholeness, and come join us at our next Kambo ceremony!

(For more on the frog as a spirit animal check out this resource. We used her words in this description and wanted to properly attribute them to her.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what is Kambo and whether it’s a good fit for you? See below for answers to common questions

What exactly is Kambo?

Kambo is a non-psychoactive medicine used in ceremony that is derived from the Giant Monkey Frog or Phyllomedusa bicolour. Kambo is a medicine that comes from frog secretion, and for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is very important. Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” it has also gained renown outside of the Amazon as a powerful treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence.

Where did Kambo come from?

The use of Kambo originated in the Amazon jungle by several groups of indigenous South American peoples. It was first discovered by the western world in 1986 by Peter Gorman, and investigative journalist that had been spending time with a native a tribe called the Matses.

Kambo or sapo as some call it was initially utilized as a medicine to aid the hunters of the tribe, giving them increased endurance, stamina, visual acuity, increased hearing ability, a reduced need for food and water, and to mask their human scent to better sneak up on animals.

What is Kambo useful for?

Since Kambo’s discovery by westerners, many have found it to be a potent and effective medicine for a variety of different ailments such as depression, arthritis, infections, autoimmune conditions, inflammatory conditions, addiction, emotional trauma and the list goes on….

Some call it a miracle cure for almost any condition. The venomous “sweat” that the frog secretes is full of scientifically studied peptides, some of which stimulate endogenous opioid receptors in a unique way. Some of the compounds cross the blood brain barrier, and others even manipulate the permeability of the blood brain barrier, possibly working synergistically to allow other compounds from the venom cocktail into the brain that would not normally get through.

Many call Kambo the ultimate detoxification. It seems to pull stored toxins out of various organ systems and purge them out of the body in a variety of ways. Some would say it also detoxifies one energetically and spiritually.

Benefits of Kambo…

Research conducted since the 1980s has shown the chemical makeup of kambo to contain short chains of amino acids, known as peptides, that affect gastrointestinal muscles and blood circulation as well as stimulate the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland in the brain. While there are no clinical studies that definitely back up kambo’s efficacy, the properties of kambo peptides make it a promising treatment for the following conditions:

– Depression
– Migraines
– Blood circulation problems
– Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
– Vascular insufficiency
– Organ diseases
– Cancer
– Fertility problems
– Deeply rooted toxins
– Chronic pain
– Addiction to opiate or prescription painkillers (Kambo reduces physical pain, thus helping people kick their addictions to other painkillers)
– Fever and infections
– Negative energies (traditionally known as “panema”

How am I going to feel when the medicine is administered?

When one chooses to experience Kambo, shortly after application of the medicine, the individuals heart will pound harder and faster. A rushing feeling of adrenaline occurs. Their body temperature will begin to rise causing them to sweat, and they may feel a pressure in their head. The medicine is not hallucinogenic or psychoactive like other amazonian medicines such as Ayahuasca, Toe or Mapacho.

The individual will then likely feel nauseous and experience violent vomiting and/or diarrhea. This is referred to as “purging” and is considered a release and expulsion of physical and energetic toxins. It is not uncommon for the individuals face to swell. Some people say it feels like you are dying, or have intense food poisoning. The experience usually lasts anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Most people are typically done purging and feeling better after about 30 minutes.

Is Kambo safe?

Despite the outward appearance of Kambo’s violence, it is actually a very safe procedure if done properly under supervision by a qualified practitioner. There are some people who should proceed with caution using Kambo such as those with heart conditions, severe immune disorders, high blood pressure, bipolar disorder and other illnesses that may put someone in a fragile physical state and unable to handle the stress of processing the toxins that are being flushed out.

Is Kambo legal?

Yes. Currently it is not officially classified as a medicine. There is no regulation of this treatment by the Food and Drug Administration or other authorities, though Kambo is legal in the U.S., and people who use it swear by it.

Does it hurt the Frog?

No, the frog is treated with utmost respect and compassion when harvesting the venom. Kambo can only be collected from wild caught frogs living in their native amazonian jungle habitat. Frogs in captivity do not produce the venom. Some speculate that the frogs diet of insects play a role in the potency and properties of the venom.

In the traditional method, the frogs limbs are gently tied spreading it’s arms and legs in a cross-like fashion and the frog is sang to and delicately stroked on the back to provoke the frog to sweat the secretions from it’s skin. The indigenous tribes believe that if you harm the frog in any way, it’s spirit will be angered and not provide healing. After collection, the frog is then released back into its wild habitat.

Often times, the frogs will be marked with an ink that wears off in about a week, so that if a frog is caught with an ink mark, they know it has not had enough time to replenish it’s venom and to collect it too frequently would give it a disadvantage at defending its self against predators.

Is the Kambo Cleanse a good fit for me?

Kambo has shown to be effective for treating a variety of health conditions. Users report reduced pain, brighter and more stable mood, increased in energy, increased stamina, improved immune system and overall better health. In addition to the physical effects, Kambo is a powerful energetic cleansing and often provides insights and inspirational shifts to the person even weeks and months after the ceremony was performed.

Is there any scientific research on Kambo?

Yes. Although Kambo isn’t officially classified as a medicine and is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, scientists are increasingly interested in studying the potential benefits of Kambo venom and its myriad of bioactive peptides. See our Resources section for articles and info on ongoing research.